Setup board prototype, feedback wanted

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Setup board prototype, feedback wanted

Postby jaybird » Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:39 pm

Ok racers, I have built a prototype setup board I'm considering putting into production and would appreciate your.....creative criticism/feedback/input!
I am currently researching vendors that may provide discounts on bulk purchases, as the materials alone on this prototype may intimidate the weaker hearted RC enthusiast! Please read this entire thread before responding, as some of your questions may be answered in the following. Thank you!
In particular, I am looking for the following info:
1) What would you be willing to pay?
2) What (if any, or just leave empty pigtails) connector end installed to power up?
3) 1/8 scale also?
Here are the specs:
- Board is constructed of solid 1/2" acrylic.
- Green LED light strip on this one (green, red, blue, yellow & white would be available).
- Any 12 volt power source can be used.
- Wrapped in aluminum frame.
- Adjustable leveler feet on all 4 corners.
- All holes for hardware mounting are tapped.
- 1/10 scale application.
- Acrylic cylinder car stand (as seen in pic) would come with every board.
I look forward to getting some feedback, and appreciate anyone who takes the time to do so.
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